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Unity Park

Unity Park is established in 2019. The park is located at the Grand Palace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a compound that has been a seat… Read More »Unity Park

Bodi Tribe

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The Bodi Tribe ethnic group are live close to the Omo River in southern Ethiopia. South of the Bodi are the Mursi tribe they are… Read More »Bodi Tribe

Dassanech Tribe

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Also known as the Galeb or Geleb, this tribe lives just north of Kenya?s Lake Turkana. Their neighboring tribe is the Turkana people. The Daasanech… Read More »Dassanech Tribe

Dorze Tribe

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The Dorze Tribe are a small ethnic group in Ethiopia who speak a language in the Omotic family. Numbering approximately 28,000, they live primarily in… Read More »Dorze Tribe

Konso Tribe

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Konso, named after the Konso people, is known for its religious traditions, waga sculptures, and nearby fossil beds (the latter an archaeological site of early… Read More »Konso Tribe