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Abiatta Shalla Lakes National Park

The Rift valley is a deep fault in the earth?s crust that runs for over 6,000km from the Middle East to Mozambique, and is host to a magnificent series of lakes, the lakes are teeming with fish and inhabited by a myriad species of birds.

The 887 km2 Abiatta Shalla Lakes National Park is bordered to the east by the main Moyale road. Although the two lakes are separated by a mere 3km wide stretch of hilly land, they could not be more different in character.

Shalla, the southern lake, lies in a sheer sided 266m deep crater and its surface is studded with a collection of small vocalically founded islands.

Abiatta by contrast, consists of a large, brackish pan, nowhere more than 14m deep, surrounded by tightly cropped grass flats exposed over the last couple of decades by a steady drop in its water level. In the park around lakes Abiatta and Shalla it is possible to see Flamingos, Pelicans, Cormorants, Ibis, Marabou stork and many other species of birds. Nearby,

Lake Langano is a vacation resort with pleasant beaches dotted with acacia trees; the water is colored volcanic pink and is safe for swimming.