Jimma Valley

The Jemma and Jara are permanent rivers that flow through Northern Shewa Zone down from Were Illu, through Merhabete and then as the Jemma River into a large gorge beside Debre Libanos and Fiche. The Jemma joins the Wenchit before reaching the Abbay (Blue Nile). By road and track the area is 180 km north

Blue Nile Gorge

Within 30 km of its source at Lake Tana, the Blue Nile River enters a canyon which it does not leave for 400 km. From all over the highlands, huge rivers pour into the Blue Nile Gorge. For a million years the Blue Nile has been carving this huge gash through the Ethiopian Highlands. Nearly

Lake Zengena

Zengena Lake is a crater lake located in Awi Zone of Amhara Region in Ethiopia. The lake is situated between the towns Injibara and Kessa only 200 m from the Addis Ababa ? Bahir Dar Highway with an elevation of 2500 m. The diameter of the lake is roughly 1 km.

Lake Tana

Lake Tana, the largest lake, in Ethiopia is the source and from where the famed Blue Nile starts its long journey to Khartoum, and on to the Mediterranean. The 37 islands that are scattered about the surface of the lake shelter fascinating churches and monasteries, some of which have histories dating back to the 13th

Danakil Depression

Danakil Depression Great Rift Valley Bird watching : The Danakil depression as sometimes known as Afar Depression is geological depression results from the presence of a tectonic triple near the horn of Africa .It covers the part of Ethiopia region of Afar, Eritrea, Red Sea and Djibouti. The Afar region is known for its being

Wonchi Carter Lake

Wonchi crater lake is located on the mountain range between the town of Ambo and Woliso.This beautiful lake is situated at altitude of about 3000m above sea level. Wonchi contains hot prings, waterfalls and breathtaking valleys and scenery. In the island, an old monastry named Cherkos is found. Beside all this Wonchi is the home