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Danakil Depression

Danakil Depression Great Rift Valley Bird watching : The Danakil depression as sometimes known as Afar Depression is geological depression results from the presence of a tectonic triple near the horn of Africa .It covers the part of Ethiopia region of Afar, Eritrea, Red Sea and Djibouti. The Afar region is known for its being the cradle of hominids. In 1974, archeologist found an old fossil called Lucy with the age of 3.2 millions.

The Denakil Depression includes the Afar desert and the lowest place in the planet, Dallol, one of the hottest year round .There is no rain for most of the year but the Awash River ends in chain of salt lakes, where its water evaporates as quickly as it is supplied. The people who are living in the region are Afar tribes, they are pastoralists and some of them engaged in salt mining as the depression is covered with salt.

The most attraction in the region is Ertale. Active volcano, which is so magnificent attraction due to its different colorful lava flowing from the crust of the earth.